Impact Investment in Global Health Security Innovation

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Why We Exist

We are a Geneva-based nonprofit that supports impact investment in global health security innovation.

Our Purpose

Capital. Creation. Community.

What We Do

We identify the most promising global health security innovations based on a common impact assessment framework, help match these solutions to country-defined needs, and organize the funding necessary to scale these solutions. We lower the barriers to scaling equitable, financially sustainable innovations focused on impact in the Global South while building confidence in impact investment in emerging technology ecosystems.

Our Activities

Stakeholders in the GHS Community

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of innovators, investors, technologists, philanthropists, and global health practitioners coming together with the same goal – solving health security challenges through innovation and impact investment.

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Measuring Success

SDG Impact x Innovations Scaled

We focus on achieving sustainable development goal impact in parallel with economic growth by combining traditional philanthropy with entrepreneurship and venture capital investment principles. We develop and validate new common impact assessment frameworks for health security innovations that help lower the barriers to impact investing.

Our Impact