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Investing in higher risk, higher reward innovations with disruptive potential

Focus: Capital

We provide grant funding for non-profit global health security activities and promote equity investment in startups developing innovative global health security solutions.

We mobilize non-traditional sources of capital to support transformative solutions judiciously matched to country-defined needs.

We de-risk impact investment in health security innovations, particularly those created in emerging technology ecosystems.

We develop and validate new common impact assessment frameworks for health security innovations that help lower the barriers to impact investing.

Our investor network includes both philanthropic funders and equity investors.

Investor Benefits

  • Achieve equitable, financially sustainable health security outcomes by funding entrepreneurs and innovators focused on impact in the Global South
  • Contribute to economic development in emerging markets
  • Collaborate with other investors to explore new markets and de-risk investments
  • Access a pipeline of the most exciting health security innovations assessed and validated by our experienced team of investors and technical experts
  • Demonstrate your public commitment to global health security and health equity
  • Access mentorship and advising opportunities

Program Spotlight: WHA 2023 Systems Design Workshop

The Global Health Security Fund (GHSF) and Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) presented a systems design workshop to coincide with the 2023 World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

The invitation-only session brought together a hand-selected group of changemakers who have the perspective, influence, and courage to enable a real systemic shift. During the workshop, experienced facilitators provoked attendees to identify the unaddressed gaps and challenges in the existing global health innovation ecosystem, pinpoint opportunities for change, and develop action plans to address them. This unique cohort of innovators, investors, leaders, and experts helped to shape creative design-led strategy for a new collaborative effort in global health innovation.

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