Measuring Success: SDG Impact x Innovations Scaled

We focus on achieving sustainable development goal (SDG) impact in parallel with economic growth by combining traditional philanthropy with principles of entrepreneurship and venture capital investment. We develop and validate new common impact assessment frameworks for health security innovations that help lower the barriers to impact investing.

Featured Programs

GHS Fund Senior Fellowship

The GHS Fund Senior Fellowship program enables experienced health security professionals to explore new opportunities for engagement with the innovation community while contributing to the GHS Fund’s mission and growth. Senior Fellows receive funding and programmatic support for a time period of up to three months, during which they work alongside the GHS Fund team on a specific project aligned with their own experience and tailored to their professional development goals. The Senior Fellows program is particularly well suited to officials of international organizations during gaps or changes of assignment and to mid-to-late career professionals exploring career transitions. Senior Fellows are competitively selected on a rolling basis.

UNODA Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship (Y4B) provides a unique learning and networking experience into multilateral discussions taking place in the framework of the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva. The GHS Fund sponsored the 2023 Y4B Fellowship and organized a one-day seminar on innovation for the 20 selected participants from the Global South during their in-person programming in Geneva at the Palais des Nations, including a communications workshop presented by Geneva-based Infinity Communications and a human-centered design workshop presented by All Systems Go!

Action Accelerator Vehicle

Presented in collaboration with South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), the Action Accelerator Vehicle introduces technical experts from the Africa CDC-designated Regional Center for Excellence in Biosafety and Biosecurity to concepts of innovation, human-centered design, and effective communications through a year-long program sponsored and co-organized by the GHS Fund.

Innovation for Change

Innovation for Change (I4C), was born in 2016 from a joint collaboration between Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) and Collège des Ingénieurs (CDI), together with other partners, for enabling corporates, institutions and multidisciplinary postgraduate talents to work together to develop disruptive solutions for ESG related global challenges. GHS Fund was a nonprofit sponsor organization in 2023.

PandemicTech Biosafety Journal Club

Launched in 2022, the PandemicTech Biosafety Journal Club takes a community-driven approach towards building biosafety and biosecurity capacity by providing locally-relevant training in diverse languages. Launched by ecosystem partner PandemicTech and originally providing Spanish-language virtual training sessions tailored for Latin America-based experts, the Biosafety Journal Club has attracted hundreds of participants from around the globe.

No One is Coming, It’s Up to Us: Building a Health Innovation Ecosystem

The Global Health Security Fund (GHSF) and Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) presented a systems design workshop to coincide with the 2023 World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. The invitation-only session brought together a hand-selected group of changemakers who have the perspective, influence, and courage to enable a real systemic shift. During the workshop, experienced facilitators provoked attendees to identify the unaddressed gaps and challenges in the existing global health innovation ecosystem, pinpoint opportunities for change, and develop action plans to address them. This unique cohort of innovators, investors, leaders, and experts helped to shape creative design-led strategy for a new collaborative effort in global health innovation.


WiNFUND is a 100% non-profit initiative that supports female-led health innovations with real-world impact. Its approach combines grassroots movements, tech innovation, and the expertise of frontline workers. It uses innovative NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to fund its projects, complimented by traditional funding routes. The GHS Fund is a proud sponsor of the WiNFUND.