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Identifying and scaling the most promising health security innovations

Focus: Creation

We work with a pipeline of innovations capable of providing equitable, financially sustainable, and scalable solutions to our most challenging health security threats.

We support innovators dedicated to equitable, financially sustainable impact with a focus on the Global South.

We help innovators at key points in the startup life cycle during which they are most likely to face challenges, particularly those developing technologies within emerging innovation ecosystems.

Innovator Benefits

  • Access sources of grant (nondilutive) capital through the GHS Fund and partner organizations
  • Connect with equity investors dedicated to achieving health security impact
  • Refine your value proposition through defining your product-market fit and matching your transformative solutions to country-defined needs
  • Collaborate with leading innovators scaling startups across diverse innovation ecosystems
  • Demonstrate your public commitment to global health security and health equity
  • Access mentors and technical advisors from our global community of experts

Innovator Spotlight: Wella Health

Wella Health is a Nigerian startup that provides healthcare financing for the next billion via affordable micro-insurance health products, including its first offering aimed at malaria.

Dr. Ikpeme Neto, a Nigerian internal medicine physician, founded Wella Health in 2017. Wella Health was selected for the 2019 Techstars Impact accelerator in Austin and is part of the Catalyst Fund’s Inclusive FinTech portfolio. Dr. Neto is also the founder of Digital Health Nigeria, a community focused on promoting the development and use of digital health and telemedicine technologies in Nigeria.

Wella Health has grown to employ 35+ and has facilitated over 30,000 patient care encounters for Nigerians seeking medical care for malaria. In December 2021, Wella Health signed a partnership with the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria to ensure improved delivery of healthcare and accessibility and affordability of medications for patients in the country.

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